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Welcome to Arrayán Jardines

Arrayán Jardines is a group of professionals specialised in the design and layout of sustainable gardens in a continuous efforts to develop and consolidate a business project in the field of gardening.

With over 20 years providing a professional gardening service to the Costa del Sol, with offices in Marbella and Málaga, where we have our Aloe Farm too.

Our technical department will advice you in order to have the garden you want, base on your preferences and necessities and having the experience to select and advice the best for your garden and requirements.

Our services - Arrayán Jardines

  • Servicios Arrayan Jardines
  • Servicios Arrayan Jardines
    Sustainable Landscaping
    and Gardening
  • Servicios Arrayan Jardines
  • Servicios Arrayan Jardines
    Terraces, Balconies and
    Penthouses Landscaping
  • Servicios Arrayan Jardines
  • Servicios Arrayan Jardines

  • Servicios Arrayan Jardines
    Rehabilitación de
  • Servicios Arrayan Jardines
    Outdoor decoration
    playgrounds and urban furniture
  • Servicios Arrayan Jardines
    Technical reportsos

  • Servicios Arrayan Jardines
    Irrigation systems

Our Degree Guarantees

Swimming pool maintenance technician.

Manipulator of phytosanitary products.

Occupational risk prevention certificate.

Installer of irrigation systems.

Consultants of ecological gardens.

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We plan - We design - We install

Arrayan Jardines Arrayan Jardines

In Arrayan Jardines receive:

  • Quality workforce guaranteeing durability
  • Honest and professional workers
  • Reliable service respecting time and budget
  • Financing options help you carry out your projects

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  • Did you know ...?

    Did you know that if you prune the plants when the moon is growing the plants grow more vigorous.

  • Did you know ...?

    Did you know that if you clean the leaves of indoor plants with beer the leaves shine more and are better health.

  • Did you know ...?

    Did you know that you can have an orange tree and a lemon tree with the same trunk by grafting.