Quality Policy

At ARRAYAN JARDINES, we understand Quality as the management tool through which the activities are planned and developed, so as to achieve compliance with the legal requirements established in the activity that we develop “Design, elaboration and maintenance of gardens”, as well as The fulfillment of the specifications of our customers throughout the entire process, thus obtaining satisfied customers, which is the reason of our company.

As pillars of this Quality Policy, the following principles are formulated:

    • Through close and professional attention.
    • I encourage collaboration.
    • Full technical advice, with professional and highly qualified staff.
    • Seriousness and professional honesty in the relationship, getting satisfied customers who re-hire our services and recommend potential clients to our company.
    • Designing, developing and maintaining high quality gardens, thanks to the exhaustive control of our entire production process (developed by a highly qualified team committed to the company’s objectives) to the use of state-of-the-art technical equipment and the use of the best Raw materials, which comply with the regulations in force and the specifications established by our company.
    • Managing in an integral way the whole process with the advantage that supposes for our clients.
    • Continuously modernize productive teams.
    • Complying with all the requirements described in the specifications and the requirements of the clients.

The achievement of this customer satisfaction is achieved by working in two ways:

  • PRODUCT: optimal quality at the best price.
  • COMPETITIVENESS: in order to achieve the first quality standardization is used through the control of the production process, the use of top quality raw materials and modern technical equipment, the qualification and professionalism of the staff of our company, as well as the exhaustive controls performed By our technical team. For the second, it is essential to select raw materials in relation to the best price quality, the continuous improvement of processes and the costs of non-quality.
  • SERVICE: adjusting the delivery times and also receiving the suggestions of the client to incorporate the proposed and possible improvements with the aim of achieving a highly competitive product and satisfying the expectations of customers.

The Quality Management System will allow us to comply with the requirements specified in our quality policy, being based and encouraging the systematic application of continuous improvement over all activities carried out, understanding such continuous improvement as the need to plan Fund the activities to be carried out, to do them according to what has been decided, to verify the results comparing them with the planned ones and to correct when necessary restarting the cycle of continuous improvement.

In order to achieve compliance with these principles of the Quality Policy, the Management promotes the firm conviction of all employees in the goodness of the Quality System as the best way to correctly carry out the activities and always maintain a high degree of staff participation in Activities related to Quality and the search for improvements.

In order to develop these basic principles, the Management formulates each year Quality Objectives specific to certain areas and / or activities, which will always be measurable and consistent with this Quality Policy and with the principles formulated in it and follow up on them, verifying its fulfillment.

Corporate Statement

The Management assumes its executive responsibility in the development of this Quality Policy, in its communication and understanding at all organizational levels, providing the necessary means to its Quality Management System to meet the expectations of the clients and the Objectives of Quality established.

Likewise, it declares as binding the application of this Quality Management System, which is duly established, implemented and kept up to date at all human and productive levels.

Málaga 16/10/09