Environmental Policy

ARRAYAN JARDINES, whose activity is the “Design, processing and maintenance of gardens” considers that the protection of the environment occupies a prominent place within the objectives of the company. To ensure this objective management has developed the following guidelines:

    1. We understand the protection of the environment as an important responsibility of the management and we ensure that it is carried out in all the functions and areas of activity of the company. The protection of the environment demands of all the people that we make ARRAYAN JARDINES responsible behavior..
    1. We understand that the reduction of environmental impacts from the use and handling of chemical and hazardous substances during the maintenance of machinery, the application of plant protection products, water and energy consumption and the inadequate management of waste is the central task of Our environmental protection policy.
    1. We declare our commitment to comply with the current environmental legal provisions that are applicable due to the nature of our activities, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes to.
    1. We periodically review the state of environmental protection in order to verify the progress made and to adapt the objectives and targets to the nature and magnitude of the environmental impacts caused by our activities, products and services. The environmental management programs that are developed annually from this review make it possible to establish a process of better continuous and pollution prevention.
    1. We inform and train our employees broadly on the environmental aspects related to the development of their activities within the company and motivate them so that their behavior in the workplace reflects that environmental awareness.
    1. In order to develop these basic principles, the Management formulates Environmental Objectives and Goals each year, which will always be measurable and consistent with this Environmental Policy and with the principles formulated therein, and monitors them verifying compliance.
  1. The Environmental Policy will be publicly available and will be adequately disseminated to all employees and those working on behalf of our organization.

Both management and employees in all areas are responsible for the proper development of the Environmental Management System. The responsible for the Environment will be in charge of the effective implementation and maintenance of the Environmental Management System.

Málaga 16/10/09